10mg Hemp & CHAGA Capsules (30)

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Bio-Available Hempsual & Chaga Capsules
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Combining 300mg of Bio Available Hempsual Powder, Chaga Mushroom (Organic & Wildcrafted) & 72 Ionic Trace Minerals in 1 easy to take capsule. 30 Capsules combining 10mg CBD Powder, 180mg Chaga, 20mg Trace Minerals in each capsule. 30 Day supply.

6 key ingredients that make Chaga so useful:

1. Polysaccharides
Chaga contains structural polysaccharides within its chitin walls, which provide energy, cardiovascular health, intestinal and liver health, and promote healthy blood sugar levels. It’s also said to improve one’s mood.
2. Beta-D-Glucans
Beta-D-Glucans are known for their ability to modulate the immune system. Beta-D-Glucans also help with normalizing cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
3. Phytosterols
Of the phytosterols present in chaga, 45% is Lanosterol, 25% is Inotodiols and the remaining 30% consists of Ergosterol, Fecosterol, and several others. In vivo and in vitro testing shows a direct effect of both Lanosterol and Inotodiols on caner cells, with lanosterol imparting a positive effect on viral compounds. [5]
4. Betulin and Betulinic Acid (Triterpenes)
Betulin and betulinic acid are powerful therapeutic agents that are currently being researched for their effects on supporting healthy cholesterol levels. In addition to their favorable benefits for maintaining a healthy cholesterol profile, betulin and betulinic acid are also being studied in relation to cancer and viruses. [6]
5. Antioxidants
Chaga  contains massive amounts of the natural black pigment known as melanin, which has high antioxidant levels due to the amount of polyphenols it contains. In fact, chaga has the highest ORAC score (the measure of antioxidant potency) of any superfood.
6. SODs
SODs are another important antioxidant present in chaga. SOD refers to a group of enzymes called Super Oxide Dismutase. These enzymes play an important role in protecting our body against the destructive effects of uncontrolled oxidation and free radicals. SOD potency is measured by the S-ORAC score.

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